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Introducing the Smiley Tool: A game-changing innovation in industrial firefighting!

Dwight Williams Smiley Tool

Introducing the “Smiley Tool”: A Game-Changing Innovation in Industrial Firefighting.

Holden, LA – June 4, 2024 – US Fire Pump, in collaboration with the legendary innovator Dwight Williams, proudly unveils a revolutionary advancement in industrial firefighting technology: The “Smiley Tool”. This groundbreaking appliance promises to redefine firefighting strategies, particularly in combating fuel-in-depth fires and full-surface tank fires; addressing the urgent need for a more effective solutions, amidst the challenges posed by current firefighting foams.

Dwight Williams, renowned for his pioneering contributions to the field, with over 50 patents, has once again brought his visionary expertise to the forefront. His inventions have always been driven by practical necessity and real-world incidents, not mere profit. The “Smiley Tool” is no exception, emerging from the pressing need for a reliable method to fight large-scale industrial fires with the new, less effective firefighting foams.

The firefighting industry is currently facing an unprecedented challenge. The legacy foams that have consistently proven their efficacy in extinguishing 100-foot diameter or larger storage tank fires are being phased out. The replacement foams require three times the amount of concentrate, equipment, manpower, water, and more tank outage, merely to provide a chance of success. This stark reality has left firefighters and industrial safety professionals in a precarious position, demanding innovation and ingenuity to improve the odds.

Enter the “Smiley Tool”. After extensive testing over the past 6-8 months, this innovative appliance has demonstrated a remarkable 50% decrease in extinguishment times, when used correctly. This enhancement is crucial for overcoming the limitations of the new foam formulas, ensuring that firefighters can maintain operational effectiveness and safety standards.

“We are extremely proud to present the ‘Smiley Tool’ to the firefighting community,” said Dwight Williams. “Our extensive research and rigorous testing have culminated in a tool that offers a tangible solution to the current foam crisis. This is more than just a product; it’s a lifeline for those battling the most challenging industrial fires.”

US Fire Pump and Dwight Williams are confident that the “Smiley Tool” will set a new standard in industrial firefighting and provide a much-needed boost in efficacy and reliability. This partnership underscores their commitment to innovation and safety, ensuring that firefighters have the best possible tools at their disposal.

For more information about the “Smiley Tool” and its capabilities, please visit our website, or contact our office at (225) 209-6551.

About US Fire Pump:

US Fire Pump is a leading manufacturer of high-performance firefighting pumps and equipment, dedicated to advancing safety and efficiency in firefighting operations worldwide.

About Dwight Williams:

Dwight Williams is a trailblazing inventor in the firefighting industry, known for his significant contributions to protecting life and property. Dwight holds over 50 patents that have transformed industrial firefighting strategies and technologies.

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