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John “Stevie” Stiles


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John “Stevie” Stiles’s history is a bit different than most in his position. Inspired by the mechanical aptitude gained through his ability to hold a D-Cell Maglite in just the right position for his father, John Stiles Sr., Stevie developed a thirst for understanding the way complex systems work together. After acquiring his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Southeastern Louisiana University, Stevie sought out an entry level position on the chassis production line at Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc., to utilize the skills he had acquired through his education as well to feed his thirst for knowledge about the synergistic result of complex components functioning for a unified result. Shortly thereafter, Stevie was promoted to the Warranty department, in recognition of his keen attention to detail and technical comprehension. After profoundly impacting the warranty department with his product knowledge and business aptitude, Stevie was promoted to an administrative sales position. Within a short period of time, after being acknowledged as a distinguished resource in the sales department, Stevie was charged with the duty of handling all international sales, in addition to the responsibility of configuring specifications for domestic proposals and technical submissions.

After gaining more than twelve years of fire apparatus manufacturing experience, Stevie was asked to join the team at US Fire Apparatus by Chris Ferrara. It was evident within a matter of days that the comprehension and passion Stevie had acquired throughout his career would considerably enhance the sales process, production, and ultimately customer experience. Not only does Stevie understand how fire apparatus are assembled, he also deploys his acute understanding of component pairing to ensure the utmost precision in the design and specification of each fire apparatus produced by US Fire Apparatus.

In his spare time, Stevie enjoys traveling the southern United States with his daughter, Karmyn, who is an aspiring D-1 softball player, and fishing at every opportunity with his son, Carson, and playing guitar.